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Debunking Myths: Are Thongs Gay?

In the realm of men's fashion, certain myths and stereotypes persist, often limiting individual expression. One such myth revolves around the choice of underwear, particularly thongs, and its supposed connection to sexual orientation. In this blog, we're breaking down the misconceptions and debunking the myth that thongs are exclusively associated with a particular sexual orientation.


Breaking Down Stereotypes:


Let's set the record straight – there's absolutely nothing about thongs that makes them inherently tied to any specific sexual orientation. Thongs are a style of underwear appreciated by individuals of all orientations, regardless of gender or identity. Like any other type of underwear, the decision to wear a thong is a personal one, driven by comfort, style, and individual preference.


Personal Stories:

To further dispel the myth, let's hear from individuals who confidently choose thongs as their underwear of choice. Their stories highlight the diversity of those who appreciate the comfort and bold style that thongs offer. From straight to LGBTQ+ individuals, the common thread is the empowerment and confidence that comes with embracing personal preferences without succumbing to societal expectations.




In the world of fashion, it's essential to break free from stereotypes and embrace individual expression. Whether you're straight, gay, or anywhere in between, wearing a thong is simply a matter of personal comfort and style. Let's debunk the myth and celebrate the diversity of choices that contribute to a more inclusive and accepting world. So, if a thong is your underwear of choice, wear it with pride, knowing that your fashion choices are uniquely yours.

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I was raised wearing tighty whities. But saw a bikini brief in the store and I wanted to try them. I knew them that they were the skivvies for me. Now, as an adult my underwear collection has expanded greatly. My favorite style is jocks, but I also have bikinis, thongs, boxers, boxer-briefs, and I do freeball at times too. My wife loves them on me.


I grew up being given Fruit of The Loom Tighty Whites, but when I was old enough to buy my own, I discovered Jockey String Bikinis. From there, especially traveling overseas, I discovered thongs and other wonderful underwear that were way more comfortable and sexy. I have not looked back since, with 40 plus years married to the most wonderful woman. Go for comfort and sexy no matter who you are!!

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