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Our Male Power Guarantee

Upgrade your underwear today and experience how high-quality mens underwear improves your day to day comfort and overall confidence.

Male Lingerie, Men’s Thongs, Men’s Sexy Underwear, & More Explore our extensive collection of men's lingerie! We offer a wide range of designs and styles, from sexy thongs to comfortable briefs. Discover the perfect pair to fit your unique style. You may have never considered men's lingerie before, but we assure you it is a viable option. Our selection includes thongs, g-strings, bikinis, jockstraps, harnesses, and more, ensuring there is something for everyone. Our belief is that everyone should feel good and confident in what they wear, which is why we offer a variety of fabrics and styles. Whether you prefer lace or spandex, our male lingerie will enhance your best features. With the largest selection of men's underwear, you're sure to find your perfect match. Jockstraps for Men Consider choosing a jockstrap as an alternative to traditional bikini briefs or boxer briefs. Known for their comfort, versatility, and support, jockstraps are one of our top-selling styles. With an ultra-supportive pouch and comfortable plush waistband, along with two straps that wrap around your behind, our male jock strap underwear provides all-day comfort and support no matter the task. Experience the perfect combination of comfort and practicality in our popular jockstrap underwear. Male Thongs Discover the underrated style of thongs in men's underwear that will be a valuable addition to your collection. The construction, featuring a supportive pouch, comfortable waistband, and a Y-shaped back, offers both freedom and comfort. Men's thong underwear is perfect for those who want supportive and comfortable underwear that moves with them all day long. Our spandex thongs are a popular choice for those looking for support in their underwear. Not only are male thongs functional and fashionable, but the enhancing pouch keeps your package looking its best. Choose men's thong underwear for a comfortable and sexy style. Men's G String Underwear In recent years, g string underwear has become a popular choice for men looking to broaden their options in the realm of men's undergarments. Despite their minimalistic design, g strings offer ample support due to their front pouch, making them a practical and fashionable option. At Male Power, we prioritize the construction of our male lingerie, ensuring that our g string styles are both comfortable and supportive for everyday wear. If you're seeking affordable and high-quality male lingerie, our selection of g strings is worth considering. Men's Bikini Briefs Originally a popular swimwear style, the bikini has since evolved into the well-established and sought-after style of men's bikini brief underwear. Our designs offer a more alluring alternative to the traditional brief style, with options such as high-cut and low-cut variations, as well as decorative details such as zippers, cutouts, and straps. Elevate your underwear game and switch from standard briefs to these stylish and supportive bikini briefs. This style provides both front and back support, keeping you comfortable and looking your best. Our collection includes a variety of options, including backless, rip-off, and enhancing styles. Boxer Briefs & Men's Mini Shorts One of the most versatile styles for everyday wear, men's boxer briefs and mini shorts are a top choice for men's underwear. These styles are ideal for sleeping in and provide excellent support for working out. Mini shorts are often worn for social events, while boxer briefs are a popular choice for their comfortable length and supportive fit. At Male Power, we understand the importance of these features in quality men's underwear, which is why we offer a wide selection of collections, styles, colors, and fabrics. Our boxer shorts are available in endless color options and fabrics, including cotton, lace, and bamboo. For a more daring look, we also have sexy men's boxer briefs with cutouts and straps. For ultimate comfort, our bamboo boxer briefs are antibacterial, thermally controlled, and moisture-wicking. And for those who need support during workouts, we have micro mesh boxer briefs that offer breathability and comfort. In addition, we have see-through boxer briefs and much more. Male Lingerie Styles If you are seeking a more provocative look, our selection of men's lingerie offers the largest and finest variety of erotic styles. This includes lace underwear, crotchless underwear, faux leather fashion harnesses, and BDSM fetish styles. These options are just a small representation of our vast collection of alluring underwear and lingerie for men. Whether you are hoping to spice things up in the bedroom or add a bit of excitement to your love life, our sexy male underwear is the perfect choice. It will ignite a new passion in your relationship and boost your personal confidence. Our lace lingerie for men is incredibly comfortable with a stretchy fit that moves with your body. And our leather fetish wear for men, featuring buckles, studs, and straps, is made with durable materials that can withstand any activity. Our male lingerie styles cater to all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. When it comes to feeling sexy and confident, there are no limitations - so why not give our men's sexy underwear and lingerie a try. Male Power offers a wide selection of men's underwear, featuring a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics that cater to all lifestyles and fashion preferences. From comfortable to sexy, our collection is unparalleled. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of trends, constantly introducing new styles for our customers to choose from. Trust us to provide the best male lingerie and men's sexy underwear options.

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