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The Brand

Male Power pioneered the concept of “male lingerie,” a label coined by our visionary founder, Sam Baker. During the mid-1970s, when our company first opened for business, his ideas were original and audacious.

He embraced lifestyles that had yet to gain full acceptance, and identified a seemingly simple but rarely acknowledged truth – men, like women, want to look and feel sexy in their intimate wear. Sam Baker encouraged men to liberate themselves from the shackles of traditional social acceptance and embrace their inner feelings and desires. We continue to promote that joyous and liberating ideology.

muscular male model wearing a purple thong sitting in a blue chair posing
athletic male underwear model with long hair laying in bed posing for the camera

The Journey

Our philosophical foundation has remained exactly the same during the last 40 years. We empower men to look great in their underwear and feel great as well. We believe it is what’s underneath that really counts: strength, confidence, spirit, and power. A perfect fitting pair of trendy, sexy underwear can set the tone for a great day and an even better night. Every unique design is made to flatter the physique, give plenty of support and allow you to fully enjoy the experience of wearing your Male Power underwear.

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